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“Good Life Discovery’ is an online interview show that allows you to share your story or expertise to the world. In addition, your interview will be featured on ‘Good Life Discovery’ archives, blogs and social media for extra exposure.

Pastor Mel Keyes announcing Joshua Generation TV (Preview)

Joshua Generation Preview show with Pastor Mel Keyes and special guest.

Delatorro L. McNeal, II on Good Life Discovery

Sharing some very exciting news about his new reality show, “The Keynote” Where Reality Meets Positivity.

Rome Madison is an expert voice on reinvention.

He’s a keynote speaker, he’s authored 2 best-selling books.

On this episode of Good Life Discovery we feature James and Cynthia Green.

America’s Favorite Couple from

Debbie Peterson of Getting to Clarity helps professional women get clarity on their “next chapter” in career, allowing them to reinvent and re-engage with confidence.

When professional women are developed and companies are engaging and retaining their female talent, everybody wins!

Business Broker World – Establishing Long-Term Business Relationships

Business Broker World is an established group of prior business owners, entrepreneurs, accountants, and other seasoned professionals with decades of hands-on experience.

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