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In this episode of Good Life Discovery, we interviewed Shawn Dorrough, a licensed financial adviser, certified career coach, seminar trainer, public speaker and business consultant with over…

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This is the interview after the interview with Victor Antonio, financial business consultant, author, trainer International speaker and host of the top rated reality show…Watch this

Pastor Mel, who appeared on the hit reality show The Keynote ( shares how to unlock the vision of greatness locked inside the chambers of…Watch this

Today on Good Life Discovery! If you are stressed out over finances, listen to this episode of Good Life Discovery with Victor Antonio! Victor Antonio…Watch this

Delatorro L. McNeal, II on Good Life Discovery to share some very exciting news about his new reality show, “The Keynote” Where Reality Meets Positivity….

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Rome Madison is an expert voice on reinvention. He’s a keynote speaker, he’s authored 2 best-selling books. Rome is the President of The Superstar Academy a…

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